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Do you know education psychology is an important topic from which one can expect questions in LP/UP Assistant and K-TET Examinations?

This video on Educational Psychology will be helpful for those preparing for LP / UP Assistant and KTET Exam.

The exam specific content is being presented to you by our faculty Mr. Albin Jose

This video will definitely be a helpful for LP/UP Assistant, KTET Aspirants in understanding the concept of psychology and Educational Psychology.

What is Psychology?

Why Psychology becomes Educational Psychology?

This video will clear all you doubts regarding these basic topic as well as other topics.

The term psychology is derived from  two Greek   words  psyche and  logos. Who first used the term psychology?  It was recently asked question. To Know this watch the video

Do you Know,

What B. F. Skinner (American psychologist best-known for his influence on behaviorism) had quoted regarding psychology?

This is an important question for upcoming Examinations.

Do you know,

What eminent psychologists share their perspective about psychology?

How the topics of psychology are divided?

To which part Education psychology belongs to?

and the various aspects of Educational Psychology like Structuralism, Functionalism, Gestaltism, Behaviourism, Psychoanalysis, Humanism, Cognitive Constructivis etc

Above mentioned are important topics from which questions are being repeatedly asked for LP/UP and KTET Exams.

To Know more about this watch the video.

This video discusses about the basics of psychology and Educational Psychology.

Start preparing for LP/UP and KTET exams by learning those topics from Educational Psychology wherein questions are most expected.

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