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psc previous years repeated question papers with answers

Ever noticed this peculiarity in the rank lists published by Kerala Public Service Commission?

Do you notice the names of the candidates included in the lists published during a particular time frame?

If you go through any 10 lists within a particular point of time, you will find that one candidates name will be there in at least 5 of them.

What do you think would be the reason for this phenomenon?

Do you think these people are the only ones in Kerala who are talented and brilliant?

Not at all!

Then what is the secret behind this?

It is an undeniable fact that all PSC aspirants are blessed with the same talent and brilliance.

It’s just one thing that differs and that is finding the knack of cracking the PSC exams.

Now you might be wondering “what is this knack of cracking a PSC examination”?

A unique and time-tested method for PSC Success is to learn Previous PSC Questions.

This tactic is being recommended by Kerala PSC Exam Coaching Experts across Kerala and you can find that about 50 to 60% questions in every exam are repeated ones.

That makes it inevitable to every PSC aspirant to learn Previous PSC Questions.

How to learn previous Questions and is there any reliable book?

The answer to this question is our revised edition (2019) book on PSC Repeated Questions.

PSC Repeating Questions is the only book which extensively covers questions from all topics and is published by Talent Academy & Publications, a trusted name in book / publications for competitive examinations.

Unique book with Previous Questions and Correct Answers.

It is noted that most of the publications used to publishes books but it will be full of errors and this book has got only actual facts and figures and there is no chance of any factual errors.

Prepared by Research Team of Talent Academy, after going through hundreds of question papers, especially the question papers of 2017,2018, 2019 and is presented in a properly arranged manner under specific topics so that you can go through them with ease.

We can assure you all those who are intensively preparing for PSC exams, that this is going to be one-stop book for your of PSC exams preparation and will be useful for beginners as well.  

Here are the main topics from which most repeated questions are incorporated in the book

  • Indian History
  • Modern India
  • Kerala
  • Kerala History
  • Kerala Renaissance Leaders
  • Kerala Politics
  • Kerala Geography
  • Indian States
  • Transport
  • Defence
  • Tele Communication
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Continents
  • World History
  • International Organisations
  • Basic Facts
  • Astronomy
  • India Geography
  • Information Technology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Awards
  • Cinema
  • Literature
  • Sports

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