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Do you know the fact from the science topic Kerala PSC asks maximum no of questions from Chemisty with comparatively less importance to Biology and Physics.

In chemistry metals and non-Metals is one of the favorite sub-topic from chemistry for those preparing questions for Kerala PSC Examinations.

One can expect questions based on the topic almost all examinations conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission.

Needless to say that there is high probability to find at-least one question in the upcoming University Assistant Examination from the topic of metals and non-metals.

Talent Academy has recently published a video series on Non-Metals on our youtube channel.

The video series had 3 videos, which is presented by the chemistry faculty of Talent Academy, Mr. Arun Bhasuran.

The video discusses all major topics on chemistry based on questions which are previously asked by Kerala Public Service Commission in various examinations.

In the whole video series and starting with the non-metal Hydrogen, important facts related to non-metals like,

2) Oxygen
3) Carbon
4) Nitrogen
5) Phosphorus
6) Sulfur
7) Carbon-di-Oxide (CO2)
8) Amonia (NH3)
9) Inert Gas
10) Halogen

is being explained in detail.

Here are some of the previous questions asked by Kerala PSC in various degree-level examinations

Densest Metal in Universe? – Answer: Osmium

Calcium belongs to the group of – Answer: Alkali earth metals

These questions suggest the importance to learn the topic in detail.

Find below the 5 videos on Non-Metals by Talent Academy

Kerala PSC Chemistry for University Assistant (Non-Metals) Part 1

Kerala PSC Chemistry for University Assistant (Non Metals) Part 2

Kerala PSC Chemistry for Univeristy Assistant (Non Metals) Part-3

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