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Writing a PSC exam to get the desired job takes a lot of preparation and is a daunting task for many.

Sometimes, even if you know the correct answer, you tend to mess things up.

This is a common problem faced by many and so we have decided to break things down into a “Things to be remembered” category.

This article would be exactly what you have been looking for.


Firstly, for writing an exam, you need to choose a comfortable pen, i.e., use a pen with a wider nib, as it will be smoother to write. Never use a new pen. Buy a new pen, practice bubbling at home with it so that it’ll be easier at the time of exam and then use that pen for the exam. Carry at least 2-3 pens, all previously used ones. Never keep the cap at the back of the pen because you won’t get the flow of writing as it will be heavy at the top end.

Bubbling an answer in OMR Sheet

Second, while practicing bubbling the answer, practice it in the right manner, i.e., completely fill the bubble rather than just a tick or cross. Try not to leave any space on the circle as sometimes there’s a possibility that the computer may not register the answer.

Food is a must

Third is food. Food at the right time and intervals can have a great impact on your memory power. Never skip breakfast. Take breakfast at around 8 AM – 9 AM in good quantity. Then around 11 AM, have some light food. Consuming dark chocolate improves memory as well as reduces stress (Scientifically Proven).

Avoid consuming potato and some related food items a week before the exam as it contains acids that could take your mind to a relaxed state which may make you forget what you have already learned (Also scientifically proven). And also avoid fried food items as well. Drink adequate amount of water for normal body metabolism to happen. Carry a bottle of water into the exam hall.


Try to keep your brain relaxed.

You would have noticed that a hardworking or creative person, when he is given his own space and time, that person tends to yield better output than when he/she is been put under pressure. That’s what our brain does.

While writing exam, just 5-10 seconds, put your heads up, look outside or drink water, give time for your brain to relax. This will help freshen up your mind and bring up your concentration level again.

Carry a writing Board

Always make sure to carry a writing board so that if you’re allotted a seat with a desk containing small hole, that will ruin the answer sheet.

So having a writing board will keep the answer sheet clean.

Hall ticket

Next, while taking the printout of the hall-ticket, it would be better to take prints in two sheets because the back side of the sheets can be used for doing math while solving the answers.

Never indulge in any sort of quarrel with anyone (family, friends, spouse or anyone) around the time of exam because that may disturb your mind and there’s a chance that you might forget the things you have already learned. Help yourself cope with pressure situations.

After the exam

Once the exam is over, it is better not to discuss the answers right away because that may lead to increase pressure on you.

Best thing to do will be relax for a day or two and then go ahead with cross checking the answers.

Keep these things in mind and get yourself a job that you worked for, desired for and always dreamed about.

Hope you have found the tips mentioned above regarding the things to follow has be

All the best for your exams.