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Sub-Inspector of Police and Excise Inspector Exam Rank File / Study Material 2020 Published

Kerala PSC SI Rank File / Excise Inspector Rank File ( Study Material ) 2020

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Rank file is a comprehensive book for the preparation of SI (Sub Inspector of Police) /Excise Inspector examination conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission.

Becoming a Sub Inspector of Police is ambitious for the youth of Kerala.

The unparalleled power and responsibility enjoyed by a Sub Inspector in a station area is a great inspiration.

It is also a shortcut to get the creamy position of IPS, one of the three All India Services.

Each section of this Rank file has been revised in accordance with the questions asked in recent PSC examinations.

Besides more information has been included from SCERT and NCERT Text Books.

Incessant Competition is what awaits you.

Talent Academy is always with you, striving for your success.

This Rank File definitely help you to reach your goal No one can stop you from achieving your goal if you are determined, dedicated and self confident.

Here is the quick preview of the content included in this unique Rank File


  • Reforms
  • National Police Commission
  • Kerala Police
  • Kiran Bedi
  • Governance of Kerala Police
  • History of Police
  • Police Zones and much more exam specific Police Force related Facts.

Kerala Geography

  • Area and Location
  • Neighbours of Kerala
  • Boundaries
  • Physiography
  • Highland
  • Anamudi
  • Hill Stations in Kerala
  • Plateau
  • Midland
  • Coastal Lowland
  • Famous Beaches
  • Kole Fields
  • Passes of Kerala
  • Passes connecting places
  • Vembanad Lake
  • Ashtamudi Lake
  • Fresh Water Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • First in India/Kerala
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary and much more exam specific Kerala Geography Facts


  • Kundara Proclamation
  • Rani Gouri Lakshmi Bai
  • Inscriptions
  • Swathi Thirunal
  • Uthram Thirunal Marthanda Varma
  • Sangam Age
  • Ayilyam Thirunal
  • Visakham Thirunal
  • Sree Moolam Thirunal
  • Sethu Lakshmi Bai
  • Ezhimala Kingdom
  • Sri Chithira Thirunal Balaramavarma
  • Temple Entry Proclamation
  • Major Forts
  • Political Movements in Kerala
  • Chera Dynasty
  • Anchuthengu Revolt and much more exam specific Kerala History Facts


  • Sree Narayana Guru
  • Chattampi Swamikal
  • Vaikundaswamikal
  • Vagbhatanandan
  • Poikayil Yohannan
  • Thycaud Ayya
  • Brahmananda Sivayogi
  • Ayyankali
  • Kuriakose Elias Chavara
  • Pandit Karuppan
  • and much more exam specific Kerala Renaissance facts


  • Kerala Politics Basic Facts
  • Kerala Assembly Speakers
  • Keralites in Parliament & Central Ministry
  • 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly
  • Chief Ministers of Kerala
  • Deputy Chief Ministers
  • Governors of Kerala
  • Loka Kerala Sabha
  • Political Parties and Movements in Kerala
  • Indian National Congress
  • Malabar District Congress Committee
  • Kerala Provincial Congress Committee (KPCC)
  • The Communist Party of India
  • and much more exam specific Kerala Renaissance facts

Modern India

  • Gandhi and Congress
  • Satyana Prayogo
  • Books about Gandhi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Famous Slogans
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Gopalakrishna Gokhale
  • Lala Lajpath Rai
  • and much more exam specific Modern India facts


  • Indian Council Act (1909)
  • Government of India Act (1919)
  • Simon Commission
  • Communal Award
  • Government of India Act (1935)
  • Demand for a Constituent Assembly
  • August Offer
  • and much more exam specific Indian Constitution facts


  • Governor
  • The Chief Minister
  • State Legislature
  • Council of Ministers
  • Legislative Council
  • States with Bicameral System
  • Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad
  • and much more exam specific Indian Constitution facts


  • Introduction
  • Types of Economy
  • Basic Sectors of Economy
  • Nobel Prize
  • Indian Economy
  • National Income & Per Capita Income
  • Father of Indian Economics
  • Human Development Index
  • and much more exam specific Economics facts


  • Kudumbashree
  • Nava Kerala Mission
  • Health Schemes
  • Other Schemes
  • New Schemes
  • and much more exam specific facts related to Kerala Government Projects


  • Ayushman Bharat
  • Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan
  • and much more exam specific facts related to Programmes of Union Government

The book with 1424 pages also includes facts and figures from other topics like

Astronomy, Defence, Education, Transportation, Telecommunication, Arts, Literature, Cinema, Malayalam Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology and Cyber Law, English, Malayalam, Quantitative Aptitude, Sports & Current Affairs, Mental Ability and Test of Reasoning, Awards & Current Affairs etc

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