Want to know the tips and tricks to solve Kerala PSC Pipe and Cistern related problems?

In the Most expected Maths questions video for university assistant exam, our faculty invite your attention to learn those easy methods to solve pipe and cistern problems.

One can expect pipe and cistern based problems in University Assistant Exam as well as other Degree Level Examination to be conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission

For those who have already learned how to solve problems related to time and work, the pipes and cistern problems will be easier for them.

In other words, it is an extension of time and work topic.

The same rules which are being applied for solving Time & Work is applicable in solving Pipe and Cistern problems as well.

Many PSC aspirants are finding it difficult to solve problems related to Pipe and Cisterns even if they are efficient in solving Work and Time-related ones.

This video by our Maths faculty Mr.Sreekant will help you in understanding the tips and tricks in solving pipe and cistern based problems in a minimum amount of time.

Kerala PSC University Assistant Maths Pipes & Cistern Problems Tips and Tricks