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The legal profession plays an important role in the administration of justice. The lawyers are considered to be the center of the administration of justice.

Lawyers had a significant impact on the destiny of the nation. Almost all the leadership of pre-independence India comprised lawyers. Gandhiji, Nehru, Dr. B.R Ambedkar were all lawyers.

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‘A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns if he has a sharp wit and intelligence’.

In a culture that views high pay, impressive schooling and societal power as hallmarks of success the legal profession has long been regarded as a noble and elite professional. The globalization of the legal profession provides today’s legal professional with a world view and the opportunity to serve international clients.

In order to become a barrister eloquence, excellent articulation, confidence, an analytical mind and persuasiveness are essential requirements.

You can achieve all these qualities through systematic, dedicated smart work.

This book is prepared in such a manner so as to achieve top rank in the LLB Entrance examination. So utilize this golden opportunity that you have been waiting for. All the world is with you and conspires your victory.

The book contains
Part 1 – Law Subjects
Part 2 – Other Subjects
Part 3 – Previous Questions & Answers

The book will be useful to prepare for entrance examinations conducted by CLAT, KLEE, KLA, Cusat etc

Wish you all success.