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Important Tips on What to Focus on the Syllabus for University Assistant Examination.

Now you might have applied for a university assistant exam by now and looking forward on how to prepare for the same.

Before preparing for the exam one has to be aware of the University Assistant Exam Syllabus.

University Assistant Exam has got the syllabus similar to other degree level examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission.

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One can expect questions from 10 distinct topics like,

1. Facts about India
2. Facts about Kerala
3. General Science
4. Mathematics
5. Reasoning
6. IT & Cyberlaw
7. General English
8. Indian Constitution
9. Current Affairs
10. Malayalam

As you all know, just like other psc examinations, Universtiy Assistant Exam will be conducted for 100 marks for which you can expect 10 questions each from the above-mentioned topics.

Since many years people rely on rank files, like those published by Talent Academy to prepare for the various Kerala PSC examinations.

It is recommended to revise the portions you have studied, also have a look at the related topics covered in the rank file and special attention has to be given for confusing facts which you encounter during the studies.

Current Affairs & GK
Obviously one can expect questions based on current affairs. If you are going to appear for an examination in 2019, then you will have to go to through the current affairs of 2018 as well as 2017 and don’t just focus on the late

General Science
From the topic of science, more questions can be expected from chemistry subject and least questions from physics and that is the reason we have given much importance in publishing videos chemistry on our youtube channel.

In physics, one can expect questions on scientists, units, measurements, energy and energy conversions.

Regarding chemistry, one can expect questions from metals, metallurgy, chemistry in everyday life, non-metals, atoms, molecules, compounds etc.

Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa, Medical Tests, Vitamins, Plant Hormones, Bacterial and Viral Diseases are the common biology topics from which one can expect questions.

Usually, Kerala PSC repeats covering about 40 subtopics but you can expect questions from about 20 topics. The best way to score high marks for maths questions is to solve questions from previous question papers by using shortcuts.

Clock, Calendar, Work and time are the important topics from which you can expect questions from reasoning.

National Leaders & Indian Renaissance
Questions based on national leaders is another topic from which you can expect questions like those facts association with the life of Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda, Motilal Nehru, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc

Some other specific topics which you are supposed to go through in a thorough manner is Kerala Renaissance, Current Affairs, Indian States, Indian Renaissance, Indian Constitution etc.

Indian History
One important thing you have to keep in mind that you are not supposed to study facts related to those happenings in ancient history and medieval history as it is not included in the syllabus.

You have to provide attention to those facts from modern history which falls after the revolt of 1857 (First war of Indian Independence) till 1948.

Questions from the history of Indian National Congress is regularly repeated by Kerala Public Service Commission in almost all examinations like Kanpur Sessions, Lucknow Session, Kolkatta Session etc.

Indian Constitution
This topic is one of the toughest for all psc aspirants. For many, it seems that the rules, amendments, article and the numbers associated with them are not easy to grasp. But when you look at the previous questions you can find that most of the questions are comparatively simpler ones. One can expect question-related to presidents, parliament and various commissions.

With regard to English questions, you can score full marks if you go through previous question papers. If there are 10 questions then 9 out of them will be from previous question papers.

Indian Geography
Another important topic from which questions usually arises is with regard to Indian Geography and you can expect at least 2 questions from this subject. You must give special attention to learn facts related to major rivers in India and its origin and tributaries.

You can expect questions related with dams and lakes as well from Indian Geography.

Above mentioned are some of the common topics from which you can expect a majority of the questions.

Prepare for the exam to secure at least 90 marks so that you can get at least 80 to 90 marks in the actual exam which will help in getting yourself in the rank list.

Hope you have found the above-discussed topic on the Univesity Assistant Exam Syllabus Useful.

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