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Much awaited University Assistant Rank File is out !!!

The Rank File is Available Online – Buy Now

The rank file is prepared and published as per latest syllabus in such a way that it will be a boon to those preparing for University Assistant Examination and secure top rank in the exam.

The notification for the exam is out and hope everyone has started preparing for the examination.

This rank file is an all-inclusive book for the preparation not only for University Assistant but also for other degree-level examinations conducted by Kerala PSC.

Each section of this Rank file has been revised in accordance with the questions asked in recent PSC examinations. Besides more information has been included from SCERT and NCERT Text Books.

Incessant Competition is what await you.

If you work in a systematic manner with full dedication and devotion you can definitely achieve your way towards success.

Talent Academy is always with you, striving for your success.

This Rank File has been prepared with utmost care by a team of teachers, research scholars, and psc rank holders. It will definitely help you to reach your goal.

Here are the major topics and associated facts covered in the rank file are,

  • India Constitution
  • Other Constitutional Bodies
  • Statutory Bodies
  • State Administration
  • Information Technology and Cyber Law
  • History of Computers
  • Hardware & Software
  • Programming Languages
  • Cyber Law
  • Kerala Districts
  • Kerala Geography
  • Kerala Renaissance
  • Kerala History
  • Kerala Politics
  • Modern India
  • Indian Geography
  • States of India
  • Union Territories
  • Economics
  • Social Welfare Schemes & Measures
    Kerala Government Projects
    Programmes of Union Government
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Defense
  • Astronomy
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunication
  • Arts
  • Literature
  • Malayalam Literature
  • Cinema
  • General English
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Mental Ability & Test of Reasoning
  • Malayalam
  • Sports and Current Affairs
  • Awards & Current Affairs

At the end of the rank file, previous question paper of University Assistant Examination 2016 is also added.

The book can be purchased online from Amazon and Flipkart and is currently available in all major bookstores in Kerala.

The book is launched at an introductory price of just 490/-

For more details about the rank file, please call 0471-2339513, 8590575712