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Isn’t it great to know in advance the most expected questions of Village Extension Officer Exam 2019?

Yes, each one of you will be excited, if you know the questions and answers well in advance.

After analyzing the question pattern followed by Kerala Public Service Commission in previously conducted Village Extension Office Exams, we have prepared a list of expected questions.

Just going through the previous questions of VEO is actually not enough, you are supposed to learn questions from those similar type of exams like Lab Assistant, Village Field Officer, Assistant Salesman etc.

Talent Academy used to provide expected questions before each and every exam conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission and many questions were actually asked in actual examinations.

Similarly, you can also expect questions in Village Extension Officer Exam which will be conducted in 2019.

The questions have been published as short 2-minute videos for your convenience.

Find the videos below

For more videos on Village Extension Officer Exam Questions visit the Official Youtube Channel of Talent Academy

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