Preparing for Kerala PSC University Assistant Exam is definitely a grueling task for many and we, Talent Academy has made it uncomplicated by publishing a comprehensive Rank File to prepare for the exam with ease.

There is no doubt that University Assistant Rank File Published by Talent Academy is the best, here are some of the reasons why.

This blog post is published in order to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding University Assistant Rank File like,

What is the Price of Rank File?

The Rank File is priced at the most competitive rate of Rs.490 only. If you are buying the book directly from our Talent Academy Centres, then you are eligible to get a discount of 20% on the total price.

You can order this book directly from Talent Academy as well as from eCommerce majors like Amazon and Flipkart

Why this book is different?

It’s an information treasure!!!

With 1472 pages, this book comprises of comprehensive information which can help anyone to secure success in the University Assistant Exam with flying colours.

More Pages. More Chance for Success.

This book is the only University Assistant currently  available in the market with maximum number of pages.  

Prepared as per the University Assistant Exam Syllabus. The content in this book is prepared as per the degree level question pattern which is currently being followed by Kerala Public Service Commission for examinations likeSecretariat Assistant and Company, Board & Corporation Assistant Exam.

The book also includes question paper and answers ofUniversity Assistant Examination held in the year 2016 along with questions which were asked in various other PSC Exams as well.  

Why should I buy this book when i have the Rank File of Secretariat Assistant and Company Board assistant with me?

Face the exam with confidence.

Even though this book is incorporated with all relevant data, facts and figures from which you might encounter as questions in the exam, preparing for the exam with this University Assistant Rank File will help you to appear for the exam with sheer confidence.

Book is consolidated with the latest current affairs topics and related information, which is relevant till the end of November.

Unlike Previous degree level rank files published by Talent Academy, topic and type wise maths questions and answers has been added which will be advantageous for those who find topics from maths a herculean task totackle.

These all features makes University Assistant Rank File by Talent Academy the best.

Still have more questions on the Rank File?

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