PSC Current Affairs - October 27, 2022

  • The person who is going to be appointed as the new Chairman of Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC) -   Dr. M.R. Baiju
  • The programme that was organized by Union Education Ministry to rediscover the centuries-old bond of knowledge and ancient civilizational linkage between Varanasi and Tamil Nadu -    Kashi Tamil Sangamam
  • The Indian beaches that have received the International  eco-label ‘Blue flag’ certification in October 2022, which is given to the cleanest beaches in the world -       Minicoy Thundi beach, Kadmat beach
  • The institution that has launched the campaign ‘Punch the Plastic’ on the event of World Sustainable Day -   IIT Madras
  • The new variety of plant that was identified in Palakkad in October 2022 -      Allmania Multiflora
  • The institution that has been awarded National Intellectual Property Award for 2021-2022 -    IIT Madras
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