PSC Current Affairs - February 17, 2023

  • The Indian origin who is going to become the new CEO of YouTube in 2023 -     Neal Mohan
  • Noted Gandhian activist from Kerala who was chosen for the Japanese Niwano peace  prize  2023 -         P V Rajagopal
  • The person who was awarded UNESCO’s International Mother Language Award 2023 -         Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra
  • The state which launched the portal for the creation of  family ID –  ‘One Family One Identity’  -        Uttar Pradesh 
  • Indian city that holds  the record of world’s second busiest city, according to the report of Location and  Mapping Technologies Company in Netherlands -     Bengaluru 
  • Former Indian Footballer who was passed away in February 2023 -     Tulsidas Balaram  
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